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Michael Candid -  Since 1947...
( A Candid Look Back )

Back in 1947 when Michael Candid started taking candid Photos of weddings, things were much different than today. The war (WW2) had just ended and returning servicemen were flocking home to anxiously waiting loved ones; weddings were planned within days of their return.

In some churches weddings were scheduled every half-hour, which made it ideal for freelance photographers to speculate, in other words... show up in front of a church, take as many shots as they could, present the samples to the bride and groom and hope for a good order.

It was not uncommon on any Saturday to find several freelancers all elbowing each other for the best angles in and outside the church, and since

it was not customary at that time for photographers to take pre-ceremony photos, cover the reception, or render many of the quality services available today... they had to be quick and innovative to rise above their competitors. To remedy this situation, candid photographers got together in the early 1950's and agreed to require contract weddings... which gave the contracted photographer alone exclusive, professional rights to shoot that particular wedding.
Candid Wedding Photographers As time went on, these freelance photographers soon became known as candid photographers... which distinguished them from studio photographers that were the norm at that time.                            Michael Candid Sr. with assistant - Circa 1954
Eventually, with so many photographers running around, and flash bulbs going off, things got out of hand and churches began to crack down and institute restrictions and rules that persist to this day. By this time, Michael Candid had established himself as a great, candid photographer, providing quality, wedding photography at affordable prices... a tradition that we have kept for over 60 Years.