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          What you can expect of our Photographers...

Throughout the day, our goal is to strike a balance between the traditional, formal photographs, and the contemporary emphasis on photojournalistic, or candid style photography. We strive to get all the quality, formal photographs that our clients have come to expect throughout the years - pictures of loved ones that become more precious as the years go on. At the same time, our photographers will capture the special moments of your wedding day through candid photography, showing the people and activities that go on around the bride and groom that define their special day.

We take unlimited photographs the day of your wedding and our photographers are with you for an unlimited time. That means that there are no hidden or extra charges in your wedding package based on hours spent, or number of photographs taken. We usually start with the bride about 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony and we generally stay with you until the wedding reception begins to wind down. We try to make our package prices all inclusive which means that traveling to several different locations the day of your wedding is included at no extra charge - home, church, park, reception etc.

Keeping in mind our goal to please the bride and groom as well as their families and friends, our photographers will take formal and candid shots of all the special guests who have been invited to your wedding. Unless otherwise instructed, we still take table-shot, group pictures at the reception, and we will set up a backdrop for studio quality photographs.

You can expect our photographers to be knowledgeable, hard working, courteous and neat. In addition, you can expect your photographer to be quick and effective in such a way so as not to delay you from your guests on this special day. It is usual for our photographers to spend an hour, to an hour and a half with the bride and girls getting ready at the bride's house, a half-hour to 45 minutes with the groom and guys before the ceremony, 20 minutes to a half-hour after the ceremony in the church, and a half-hour at a park or outdoor location. Our photographers are instructed to take most of their formal photographs before the reception, then to take mostly candid shots during the reception, so the bride and groom can be free to enjoy the party with their friends and family.

To obtain addition information about our Wedding Packages, or to speak with one of our representatives, please e-mail or call us at: (708) 453-8489

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